Fitness tips from Mary, the sexiest woman in Brooklyn

miss broklyn's fitness tipsThis is Mary, a normal woman like you from Brooklyn. Recently Mary has done something incredible, she has managed to banish her cellulite, lose weight and become the sexiest woman in Brooklyn. Just like you and me Mary also wanted to stay lean.

But by the time she realized the she gained some weight, she has become 10 pounds over weight. With her determination and sheer perseverance, Mary managed to get rid of cellulite and lose all her weight. It wasn’t an easy journey. She had to give up on a lot of things she loved, especially cheesecake.

Now for those who are looking to reduce cellulite and lose 10 pounds, here are a few weight loss tips from Mary which will help you in your quest for weight loss.

What Mary Recommends for a fit cellulite free body

The tips below are the fitness tips that Mary has used to become miss Brooklyn.

1-Drink lots and lots of water

The claim that drinking lot of water will help you with weight loss is true. Drinking water will boost your body’s metabolism by 24-30% for 1-1.5 hours. This will burn off a few calories.

One study show that dieters, who drink half liter (17 oz) of water half an hour before their meal has helped them to lose 44% of their weight

2- Add Egg to your breakfast menu

Having egg in the morning will pay off big time for dieters. As per studies, eating egg for breakfast instead of a grain-based breakfast will help you to eat fewer calories for next 36 hours and help you to lose more body fat and weight. Add a source of quality protein for breakfast and see the difference.

3-Have coffee as it increase burning

drinking coffee to burn fat and lose weightCoffee has a many weight loss benefits. It has a lot of antioxidants. Proven studies show Caffeine present in the coffee can boost body metabolism by 3-11%, and help you to burn calories up to 10-29%

But remember adding bunch of sugar or any other high-calorie ingredient will negate all the advantages from your coffee.

4-Drink Green tea each evening

Just like coffee, green tea can also help you to lose weight. Apart from the small amount of caffeine like coffee, Green tea also has catechins, another powerful antioxidant, which along with Caffeine will help in burning fat.

Although there are mixed claims about this one, it is believed that green team will help people to lose weight.

5-Cook with coconut oil

cooking with coconut oil for a cellulite free bodyCoconut oil has special fats called triglycerides, which is slightly different from other fats. It can boost body metabolism by 120 calories per day and will cut your appetite so you will end up eating 256 calories fewer.

So replace your cooking oil with coconut oil and lose your weight. Also, you can apply coconut oil on your thighs and remove your cellulite this way.

6 – Its simple, cut out sugar.

Added sugar is the enemy of a dieter. Studies have already proven that Sugar consumption can cause a lot of health issues like heart diseases, diabetes, obesity etc.

If you are looking to lose some weight, then cutting added sugar from your appetite is important.

7-Practice counting calories

Studies shows that having a journal of what you eat will help you to lose weight. This will create an increased awareness about you meal. This is such a simple exercise that anyone can do

8-Keep healthy food with you

Always make sure that you have some healthy food with you so that you can have them when you become hungry. A few snacks, whole fruit, hard boiled egg, baby carrot, yogurt or a handful of nuts are healthy and will prevent you from eating unhealthy food.

9-Brushing your teeth after dinner

It will not burn calories for sure. But it can prevent the temptation of having snacks or other unhealthy food late-night. So practice brushing your teeth right after you had your dinner.

10-Doing aerobic exercise

Doing Aerobic exercises are one of the best ways to burn your calories. It can also help you to improve your physical and mental health. Unhealthy fat settle around your organs and can cause many diseases. So getting rid of them is very important.

11-Add more vegetables and fruits to your diet

Vegetables and fruits have several qualities that is very effective in your quest for weight loss.

They have fewer calories and more fibers. The rich water content in them will make them low energy density. The will take some time to chew and is very filling.

Studies have already proven that people who eat vegetables and fruits weighs less.

12- Get good sleep

A good sleep has many advantages. Studies show that poor sleep result in obesity at a rate of 89% in children and 55% in adults. So always make sure you get some nice sleep.

With these tips, you should lose weight and even remove your cellulite on the way. For more cellulite reductions, watch the video below or visit this website